Irrigation Prescription Service


At REFARMO we are providing crop and soil specific Irrigation Prescription Service (IPS) to farmers who are using irrigation. Our algorithms are analyzing soil moisture levels at surface and root zone, monitor crop vegetative phase and forecasting up to 10 days the water demands required for optimal levels of air and water in the soil leading to maximum plant health and yields. Farmers can push irrigation results to the next level (less water, less stress, more yields) by making better decisions with REFARMO data-driven irrigation scheduling. We are providing mobile friendly web application which is simple to use. 

Our algorithms are processing space satellite data from European Space Agency - ESA and ground sensors to help people in ag sector grow champion yields.

REFARMO GmbH operates from Austria, Europe and we can provide Irrigation Prescription Service (IPS) on global scale:

  • EMEA( Europe, Middle East, Africa)

  • USA & Canada

  • Central & South America

  • Asia


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REFARMO offers soil moisture analytics and irrigation recommendations - everything to reduce plant stress, water consumption and increase food production.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy any other equipment or services?



Do I need to install anything?

No. REFARMO is a web-based solution.

If needed REFARMO team will install sensors on your field to test soil moisture measurements accuracy.


How can I buy REFARMO Soil Moisture Analytics?

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